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Affordable housing for poor people by assembling technology

After success with the launch of the cheap car Nano, Tata Group, India continues to "shock" the statement will sell the "people's house" with the prices can be considered as the cheapest world, only about 700 USD (9.9 million) per unit.

In the framework of the project "House of the People", the houses cost 32,000 rupees (720 USD) will be sold as the assembled components are made available. They include all the components necessary to build a house as frames, walls, doors, windows ... and can be assembled at the construction site in just 7 days.
Sumitesh DASM, project head of Tata, the Nano car manufacturer confirmed, though cheap, but these homes will have a lifespan of up to 20 years.

Sắp có nhà lắp ghép giá cực rẻ cho dân nghèo
Cheap House of Tata is scheduled for release in the coming months.

He added, the apartments Nano is being tested in West Bengal and has an area of ​​about 20m2. While basic apartments only $ 700, the other versions will cost approximately 30m2 44,000 rupees (about $ 1,000) and the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof will be the high prices some more.

"We hope to launch this unique product to the domestic market in the next 8 months", Sumitesh DASM stressed.

According DASM, the cheap apartments This form is designed to serve families living in urban India does not have enough money to buy her own apartment. There are at least 23 million homes in urban India belong to low income group and middle income homeless. Also, a poll conducted in 2001 showed that India needed 14.8 million homes at least for people in rural areas.

However, the biggest challenge for the project "House of the People" is the supply of building materials. "We are coordinating with Coir Board and Jute Board carriers. The pilot project will be an opportunity to examine the operation of the system to supply raw materials. If a supplier does not meet the requirements, we will have to use the products of other companies to replace ".

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Affordable housing for poor people by assembling technology

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