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Industrial buildings

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Chúng tôi cung cấp trọn gói cho khách hàng một cách hoàn hảo từ công tác thiết kế, sản xuất, lắp dựng đến công tác bảo hành sau bán hàng


We offer a package for perfect customer from the design, manufacture, erection to work after-sales warranty. Typical Steel Buildings consists of 3 components:

Steel combination formation "I" used for the main frame (columns, truss, beam).
Cold rolled steel components have the "Z", "C" for structural parts (roof purlins, wall purlins).
Composition religious personnel (corrugated roof, corrugated wall).
All components of major and minor structures are cut, punched, drilled, welded and formed into being at the construction site. The quality of the ingredients home always guaranteed due to be produced entirely in-house standards and rigorous testing. At the construction site, the prefabricated components in the plant will be linked together by the bolt.

Steel Buildings is a building system is extremely flexible, meet all functional and decorative outside to meet beautiful architectural design. This reason makes steel buildings are kind of ideal for use in factories, warehouses, showrooms, supermarkets ...

Composed of steel buildings

The prefabricated steel product of our company has always met the needs of the market even the most discerning customer. Simple value we bring to you is sustainable over time.

The skeletal system of prefabricated steel buildings

Apart sustainable over time our products with the detailed accompanying accessories are a silk sheet skeleton dressed in armor put your older works smooth and flawless


Religion and religious shutters Thung

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