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Operator 2 floor assembly

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Operator 2 floors assembled form for staff officers serving at the construction site.


Operator 2 floors assembled form for staff officers serving at the construction site. Offices are located intelligent workspace more comfortable and pleasant.

The advantage of two-storey prefabricated buildings:

Save space for no cost home construction area
Workspace cool airy, can cover the entire construction site
Lightweight materials help the always cool in summer and warm in winter.
Prefab 2 floors as operator to easily move into other works, reuse many times
Materials used to assemble two-story house:

Steel frame made of steel shaped systems, chassis systems, steel rolling bearing columns, floor truss systems, truss roof with galvanized steel box
Wall plates made operator Ton-foam insulation-sheet (2-sided foam sheet in the middle of the 5cm) should be very well insulated, easy to move, removable.
Assembled roof panels are made of roofing insulation Ton-PU-PVC against heat, noise extremely well. For comfortable work space
Assembled flooring panels are made of pressed wood industry, or higher have carpeted floor plate Vinyl Cemboad customized investor demand
The system of doors and windows made of aluminum and glass, steel core plastic uPVC doors or steel doors as needed.
Quotations 2 storey building assembled corrugated porous form

Quotations 2 storey prefabricated buildings depends on customer selected materials. Please call the hotline provide requirements, we will to plan and have the most accurate quotation.

Some pictures of the 2-storey assembly site operator

Prefab 2 floors

Prefab 2 floors

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