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Prefab Container

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Supply and installation of office Container removable kind: Structural conatiner floor: Profile steel frame SS400. Flooring: concrete material cenluylo 16mm thickness, 1.5mm thick coated waterproof vinyl. Structural roof chassis + column: SS400 steel frame profiles, roof 0.4ly, tin ceiling layer foam insulation. Container wall: 50mm thick EPS by Ton Door System: Doors: 01 Door, Sun EPS 0.35x50x0.35 Materials, aluminum alloy frame. Sliding Window 01 pcs, size 0.9x1.2m aluminum and glass materials. Electrical system: electrical panel 01 includes breaker 40A: 01c, switches: 01, double outlet: 01, Tran Phu 2x2.5 Wires. Ventilation: 01. 36W luminaires: 02 pieces.
Advantages container assembly than conventional container - Detachable canned move easily, 01 trucks carrying 01 containers usually are 01 container assembly. - Container Prefab better insulation: the container wall and ceiling panels made of 50mm thick panels EPS, better insulation and lighter than conventional containers.

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