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Prefab office

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Components manufactured housing 2 stories:

 - Structure of the frame:

   +), Manufactured housing Column: made of steel C according to the order form for the assembly to mounting corrugated foam.

  +) Truss Modular Home: Using steel box, V is linked to columns by bolts ciphertext.

  +) Beams in the roof assembly: using galvanized steel box.

* The frame is assembled at the factory fabrication, broken down into components to facilitate the handling and in the works. Or if the terrain does not allow it to transport materials and manufacturing craft at work.

* Assembled steel frame house can be painted rust, painted or galvanized cold or hot dip galvanized electrolytic customized customer requirements.

- The roof assembly: using Sun roof (Ton + PU + PP) or (Ton + sponge + Sun), sound insulation.

2-story home floor assembly can be used reinforced concrete slab, soundproofing between 2 floors. Or use ceamboad slabs, laminate flooring. Finished floor surface can use pvc carpet, rubber, laminate flooring Svetlana ...

System steel staircase, wooden staircase connecting the two floors ensure convenient move.

 - Removable cover and bulkhead around the room of assembly: using (+ Foam + corrugated sheet) soundproof insulation. The thickness of 50mm to 100mm product.

- Door, window prefabricated buildings: doors aluminum and glass or plastic doors steel reinforcement

- The ceiling assembly: using plastic ceiling or plaster ceiling, depending on customer requirements.

- Bolts linked with foundation beams - frames - roof edging, roof tiles, rainwater drainage pipe, PVC pipe D76.

Advantages of the assembly:
- Technology Korea manufactured housing construction cost = 1/2 compared with traditional building.
- Prefab good sound insulation.
- Move the assembly to another location easily.

- Prefab permanent structures - Dismantling of convenience - decorated beautifully.

- Flexible system of lightweight steel structure, safe and reliable, consistent with the requirements of the standard design building structures.

- Prefab has dismantled and used repeatedly. Installation requires only simple tools.

- Adjust to the docking beautiful, elegant colors, create a pleasant sensation, square and flat roof, easy to decorate.


  Used for housing, hostels for students rent, houses for workers, the operator of the school, cafeteria, karaoke, pubs, garment factories, ....


Beautiful 2 storey house Structure
Was Vietnam IDC bearing beams creates space quality low price increases.


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